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Window Tinting Does More Than Just Look Cool

Window Tinting Does More Than Just Look Cool

Many people are unaware of the benefits of window film. Everyone knows that tinting can change the appearance of your car, but it does so much more than that. Investing in professional window tinting for your vehicle can reduce your chances of developing skin cancer, keep your car feeling cool and more. The following are some of the advantages of tinting your windows

Blocking UV Rays

Not only does sun exposure speed up your skin's aging process, but the sun's UV rays can cause some serious damage to your skin. With the proper window film, these harmful rays can be blocked and will reduce your chances of developing skin cancer. Drivers in the United States have a higher risk of developing skin cancer on their right side due to sun exposure while driving. For this reason, the Skin Cancer Foundation suggests everyone include auto window tint on their car to protect their skin. 

Beat the Heat

When you park your car out in the open instead of under the shade of a tree, heat builds up inside the car. So when you open the door, you're going to be facing a hot, steamy car. Your steering wheel may be too hot to touch, even if you have a steering wheel cover. You'll have to let the inside of the car cool before you can drive, especially if you have a leather interior. This wastes a lot of time and can be avoided with window tinting. Some window tints can keep your car up to 60 percent cooler in the summer months. Doesn't that sound, well, cool? 

Window Tint Can Block Harmful UV Rays from the Sun

Avoid Glare

If you've ever been driving when the sun is in front of you, you know how hard it can be to see past the glare it casts on your windshield. Not only is this an annoyance, but it can be dangerous. By tinting your windows, you'll be providing your eyes a shield from the sun and preventing distracting glare from causing you to miss something on the road. 

Protect Your Car Interior 

The heat and UV rays from the sun don't just affect you, they also can make a mess of your upholstery/leather. When it gets too hot inside your car, your upholstery/leather can warp, fade and crack. It only takes a few years under the sun for the damage to be done. But window tint keeps your car cooler and blocks those harmful UV rays, which means your car's interior looks good longer. 

With all of these benefits, tinting your windows is a no-brainer. Executive Motorsports offers tinting services and is proud to have the only digital cutting system for window tint in town. Visit our website to learn more about our tinting products and installation. 

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