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Find Out How Window Tinting Keeps Your Car Cool

Find Out How Window Tinting Keeps Your Car Cool

When you think about energy efficiency, you likely think about your home, your office, maybe even a friend or family's home. But what about your car? 

There are ways to make your car more energy efficient, and one of them is by installing window tint. Window tinting brings a variety of benefits to drivers, including keeping their car cooler, protecting their upholstery and reducing their risk of skin cancer from the sun's harmful UV rays. Tint products can also save energy. Keep reading to find out how. 

Keep it Cool 

Heat rejection is a major benefit of auto window tint. Heat is created in your car when solar energy through a window is transmitted by infrared waves. That radiant energy is then converted to heat when it strikes people or objects, like the inside of your car. If you can block that transfer of energy, you can keep it from turning into heat — if it never strikes an object, it doesn't have a chance to convert to heat. That's what window film can do for your car. It interrupts that transfer by deflecting the energy. 

Depending on the level, some window tints are capable of rejecting up to 97 percent of the sun's infrared rays and up to 60 percent of the heat coming through your windows. That translates into a much cooler car, which means you're going to be more comfortable and won't have to stand outside your car on a hot summer day while you wait for it to cool down.  

Blasting Your AC Burns Up Fuel at an Increased Rate

Save Energy and Fuel 

Did you know that only a few degrees in temperature reduction can have up to a 25 percent reduction on cooling costs? That's why so many homeowners invest in shades and curtains for their windows. Although you don't have to worry about getting an energy bill for your car, you can benefit from keeping its energy down. 

When a room (or you car) is hot, it requires a considerable amount of energy for the air conditioner to remove the heat. How does this translate to your car? Well, your car gets its energy from the fuel you pump into your gas tank, so if your AC is working on overtime, your fuel efficiency is going to take a hit. Your AC has to work the hardest when your car is the hottest. Blasting the air conditioner for long periods of time is going to burn up your gas at an increased rate. Parking in the shade or setting up a sun visor can help keep your car cool, but having window tint installed is such a better investment. Not only will it keep your car cooler than other methods, but it is incredibly convenient — just have it installed once and that's it. 

Executive Motorsports would be happy to hook you up with a custom tint job. We have the only digital cutting system in Houston and will throw in a free tint enhancer when you have your tint installed at our shop. Visit our website to learn more.