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It's a New Year To Focus On Your Skin!

It's a New Year To Focus On Your Skin!

As you drive down the road, you are exposed to a lot of sunlight, even when the windows are up. That’s because glass doesn’t block harmful UV rays. Particularly on the left side of your body, your skin is exposed a great deal to these rays. With window tinting from Executive Motorsports, you can be sure you’re able to protect yourself.

The Dangers

Doctors have noticed that many people in the U.S. have more sun damage on the left side of their face, in comparison to the right. This has to do with the UV radiation that penetrates car windows. UV exposure adds up over time and can lead to skin damage which includes wrinkles, age spots and even certain types of cancer.

Each time you are exposed to the sun or you get burned, it adds up. This means that doing something in response one time isn’t enough. You are exposed to the dangers of the sun's radiation all the time and therefore, you have to focus on what can be done to protect you all of the time.

There is a risk for anyone who is in a car, outside or otherwise exposed to the UV rays of the sun. You have to do what you can in order to protect your skin, and the New Year is a great time to take this action.

Use sunscreen even if you'll just be in the car

What You Can Do

There is a lot that you can do to protect your skin. One thing is to use sunscreen, even if you’re going to be in the car. Your face, arms and any other exposed skin should have a layer of sunscreen on it. But sunscreen alone isn’t enough.

You should also consider tinting your windows. The window film that goes onto the glass of your windows is capable of blocking a considerable amount of UV rays. This way, you can drive and not have to worry so much about what the sun is doing to your skin. Up to 99 percent of the UV rays are blocked by the film, so you can avoid the harm that is shining through the window. With the protective layer of film, you can also reduce glare.

Get your windows tinted

When you want window tinting, it is important to work with a professional. At Executive Motorsports, we use some of the best window tint on the market, including 3M Crystalline and BlackMax. This blocks the UV rays as well as the heat and glare so you can drive with confidence knowing you are protecting your skin.

We are currently offering a Groupon deal where you can save as much as 48 percent off the cost of window tinting. Contact us today by calling (713) 467-7000 so we can answer questions or book your service.